…summer madras…


Hello everyone, its been a while since I last posted something here but since its a new month I made it a point to post today.  Summer is still reigning over So Cal and what better way to beat the heat than Indian madras.

On me: Pendleton short sleeved Indian madras, Timex weekender, Trashness bracelets, surcingle belt, H&M Chinos, Happy Socks, Clarks desert boots


The Pendleton short sleeved Indian madras, a little long on the sleeves for my taste but other than that its very comfortable.


Clarks dessert boots, great boots for the hotter months.

Happy Thursday peeps!!!


…anchor bracelet…


The anchor bracelet form Trashness.com I’m really happy with this purchase, I have long been thinking of purchasing a similar bracelet from Miansai but they are just expensive.  This particular bracelet is pretty good I’ve been using it for more than a month now and it seems to age well, its not as white and clean as it is in the image above but the worn out, frayed look of the rope seems to make it look better and although the gold plating of the crimps were gone in flash the anchor gold plating is still standing tall.  So all in all not bad for a $17 bracelet with free shipping too, just in time for spring / summer.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!


The year is about to end, at the same time the Spumoni coupon we bought was about to expire as well.  Not wanting to waste our money spent on the coupon Claire and I decided to go to Santa Monica and try out Spumoni.



Patiently waiting for our food.



Claire’s ham & cheese crepe


My Italian omelette.

After eating breakfast (we were really full) we decided to burn the calories by heading off to Beverly Center and go window shopping, after which we headed off to the Grove to satisfy our craving for Umami Burger.



Claire’s truffle burger, she contemplated having the Grove truffle burger but decided not to after talking to our waiter about the difference between the two, saying that the Grove truffle burger had more of an earthy taste.


I decided to have their thanksgiving special, a turkey burger.  It was good but the sauce tasted just like barbecue sauce, but as I said it was good.

PL1_4373 PL1_4370

Our meal and the condiments.


Claire at the Grove (sporting her ALDO knit beret), we would have had more pictures but it was raining =(

All in all this we had great fun eating and galavanting around West LA that Saturday.  Happy Wednesday peeps!!!

…summer bow…


Just wanted to share images of my J. Crew cotton bow tie, got it at a J. Crew outlet store in Vegas.

On me: H&M contrast collar dress shirt, J. Crew bow tie, gingham sport coat, floral pocket square, surcingle belt, Converse selvedge jeans
Happy Tuesday everyone!

…culver city farmers market…

A photo set showing the Culver City farmers market, it happens every Tuesday at Main Street between Culver & Venice Blvds.  I don’t really buy stuff here but it is an interesting place to photograph.  Enjoy!!!

These photos were taken with a thrifted Minolta Hi-Matic 11 rangefinder camera.  Film still rules!!!


If you can see in my header the “and then some…” part, well this is one of them.  I like photography, and I would like to start sharing photo sets in this blog too.  Give me feedback if that is something that works or not.  Happy Monday peeps!!!

…my weekender…


I just wanted to show you guys how versatile the Timex weekender is, one watch face plus multiple straps equals multiple combinations to go with your wardrobe or your mood.  You can get the weekender (watch and a strap) for $35 and the straps will set you back for only $7, its very cheap considering the multiple combos you can get with it.  My only gripe is with the watch band, the holes tend to fray very easily (though its not that noticeable) since they do not have any metal eyelets to protect them, again you get what you pay for.  All in all I am very happy with this watch, now go and get one for yourself and let the combos begin.
Happy hump day everyone!!!

Field Notes!!!


The Field Notes 3 pack I ordered came in the mail…


… and they gave me a free no.2 pencil with the order, and that was a very nice surprise!

The Field Notes memo book were nice, paper inside was top notch too… the different information inside the front and back cover were nice, the ruler at the back cover is a nice touch  and the listed practical applications were funny and the ruler at the back cover were really funny too.  Although I was sort of disappointed that they were not as thick as I would have imagined especially after paying $15 for it (including shipping).

But overall these memo pads are nice…

Now its time to start writing and doodling!!!