Review: Converse Selvage Jeans

The Converse Selvage Jeans from Target…

These jeans have been out for a while,  I’ve been seeing them at  various Target’s here ins SoCal for the past couple of months and have passed up on them numerous times thinking that it does’nt fit me right.

Luckily I decided to try them out again at one of my Target runs and for some reason the fit of the jeans just felt right… and you can’t go wrong with the price too, $40 for a pair of selvage jeans, unbeatable!!!


Red stitching details in the front pocket

Back is really simple with no unnecessary embellishments! Yey!

And finally the selvage detail, it looks nice, really nice!!!

All in all this pair of jeans is my favorite pair, it goes well with anything and everything in my wardrobe…  One of the best $40 purchases I made at Target, in fact it was so good I got a 2nd pair… on sale for $30!!!

Now go and  snag this denim of a deal.


6 thoughts on “Review: Converse Selvage Jeans

  1. how do you care for these jeans? did they shrink a lot on you when you wash them? picked up a pair now they’re on sale for 19 dollars, if fit great in the store just wanna make sure I don’t shrink them

    • Eric,

      Thanks so much for reading my review.

      I honestly don’t know if they will shrink since I haven’t washed them yet, and I really don’t plan on washing them soon.
      Anyways if you do wash them, fell free to share if they do shrink or not.

      Merry Christmas!

    • duckduckdope,

      Thanks for dropping by and looking at the review.
      The jeans are not that heavy though it has stiffness in it, its not as soft as any cheapo jeans sold at target. It does give you the feel of a quality product.

      Merry Christmas!

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