…very me…

“The Getup”– a very nice and helpful regular article from Primer.com 

It helps a lot especially when you get in a rut or just run out of ideas on what to wear.

Check out their summer color getup…





Playing around with “Bobby the brains” red lens less glasses.

On me: Club Room cotton dress shirt, Brooks Brothers paisley tie, Swank tie bar, Timex weekender, Dockers D1 chinos, nylon d ring belt, white chucks (fave summer shoes!!!) & red lens less eye glasses

One more day till the weekend guys!!! Happy Thursday!!!



Had my Brooks Brothers dress shirt altered, and I must say what a big difference it makes.  This was the same shirt I wore here.  I could not wear this particular shirt without a vest since it was too big for me, but as you can see for a couple of dollars you can have it altered and have a great fitting shirt.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend peeps!!!

…on time…

Please read this…


Being punctual is one of my weaknesses, it is something that a lot of us just don’t give much importance these days.  Reading this article from http://artofmanliness.com/ inspired me to once again try my very best to give importance to punctuality.

Happy Friday peeps!!!



…presentation get up…


What I wore to a meeting two days ago.  FYI the meeting went well, I even had the chance of presenting the scheme I made and everyone was happy.

On me:  Perry Ellis linen sport coat (its summer baby!), Nautica sport shirt, JCrew cotton bow tie, cotton pocket square (thrifted),  Timex weekender, H&M chinos and brogue boots

Its almost the weekend peeps!!! Happy Thursday!!!

Finally thanks to the Dean for pushing me to publish this!!!