…red sea…


Its Wednesday and according to weather reports its supposed to rain later this afternoon, I guess all that water that’s supposed to come down inspired me to wear accessories that was all about the sea.  Anyways be safe and enjoy this rainy Wednesday!!!

On me:  Levis denim jacket, bandana pocket square, RL plaid shirt, navy tie w/ whale print, vintage Swank tie bar, Jcrew D-ring belt, Nantucket red chinos by Merona, socks with shark prints from target, ALDO boat shoes

Happy hump day everyone!!!


…bowtie Friday, April 2012…


As promised I am trying to make bow tie Friday a monthly post, and here is your April edition for 2012.

Last Monday, Claire bought me this Countess Mara silk bow tie from Nordstrom Rack.  Thanks Claire.

On me:  Countess Mara bow tie, Brooks Brothers seersucker blazer, American Eagle dress shirt, Converse selvage jeans, JCrew D-ring belt (thrifted for $2), white Chuck T’s

Happy Friday peeps!!!

Enjoy the weekend and God Bless!!!

…Easter Sunday…

Happy Easter everyone!!!

I just want to share images from our Easter Sunday celebration, these pictures were taken from downtown Covina here in sunny So Cal.  We decided to walk from our friends house to the downtown area to burn away the calories from our very heavy lunch.

A picture from Miro, too bad its black and white so you wont be able to see my Nantucket red chinos and Claire’s floral orange dress (thanks Target for our Easter outfits!).

Bad focus (boo Miro!), but you can see me with my J.Crew diamond tip bow tie and Claire’s orange dress and hat!

Outside Erik’s (middle) front porch, I guess blue shirts are the way to go.

Outside looking in…

From Erik’s we walked to downtown Covina and stopped by the local Starbucks (so much for my earlier statement of walking to burn calories).

Claire & Kryzel.

From Starbucks we walked to the nearby park, the park wasn’t pleasant, could have been a lot better.

All in all a great Easter spent with friends, eating, walking, gallivanting, and eating some more.

Happy hump day peeps!!!

…mini me in leather…

From being elegant https://indappersuitof.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/the-elegant-mini-me

…to being a leather jacket wearing bad boy (not literally but he can be a handful sometimes).

Hack Zilla sporting a hand me down (from his sis Zoe) leather jacket that I got from Ross years ago.

The leather jacket paired with plaid shirt, khakis and gray canvas shoes.  And a driver cap to top it off,  where you will see in the following image, he put into very good use =)…

This was my brother in law attempting to capture (using the remote) an Easter family picture, see how Hack Zilla put the cap to use… my sis was surprised when they reviewed the images in the camera!!!

Oh and if you ever, ever need to learn how to dougie… please just get in contact with my sister and she will definitely hook you up with Hack-Zilla…

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

…time to bring out the linen…


The weather has been constantly in the 70’s and roaring to go up the 80’s this weekend here in So Cal, so I guess its time for the lighter fabrics to bask in the sun.

On me:  Perry Ellis sport coat (Linen/Cotton blend), J. Crew tartan dress shirt, black knit tie (H&M), sail boat tie bar, Merona watch w/ weekender strap, nylon d-ring belt, chinos (H&M), white chuck taylors


Happy hump day everyone!!!

…skinny me…


Oh how I wish the title was pertaining to me, but alas the only skinny here are the ties.  The weather is warming up so I decided to sport these tartan cotton ties the past couple of days.

On the left:  Chambray shirt (H&M) with red tartan skinny tie and sailboat tie bar

On the right:  White collar cotton dress shirt (H&M), blue cashmere cardigan and green tartan skinny tie

Enjoy the tartan overload!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!