The year is about to end, at the same time the Spumoni coupon we bought was about to expire as well.  Not wanting to waste our money spent on the coupon Claire and I decided to go to Santa Monica and try out Spumoni.



Patiently waiting for our food.



Claire’s ham & cheese crepe


My Italian omelette.

After eating breakfast (we were really full) we decided to burn the calories by heading off to Beverly Center and go window shopping, after which we headed off to the Grove to satisfy our craving for Umami Burger.



Claire’s truffle burger, she contemplated having the Grove truffle burger but decided not to after talking to our waiter about the difference between the two, saying that the Grove truffle burger had more of an earthy taste.


I decided to have their thanksgiving special, a turkey burger.  It was good but the sauce tasted just like barbecue sauce, but as I said it was good.

PL1_4373 PL1_4370

Our meal and the condiments.


Claire at the Grove (sporting her ALDO knit beret), we would have had more pictures but it was raining =(

All in all this we had great fun eating and galavanting around West LA that Saturday.  Happy Wednesday peeps!!!


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