…tuesday blues…


Blue shirt with a blue tie… Hope you all had a great long weekend, now back to the grind.



…a dash of color…


Colored chinos are making headlines this morning with what D’Wade  wore at Indy… but who’s afraid of color??? I certainly ain’t one of them =) it may not be as bold as Wade’s hot pink pants but its still a step away from your black and/or brown pants.

On me:  H&M shirt, Hathaway silk tie, Seacraft braided belt, Merona chinos, Timex weekender, Mossimo socks, white Chucks

Let’s get ready for the long weekend!!! Happy Friday everyone!!!

…the cardigan…


Hello peeps, temperatures are a bit lower compared to the past couple of days here in SoCal, so I decided to be ready for it with my reliable vintage cashmere cardigan.  The 3 images above just goes to show you it will never go out of style (or at least i made it look like that =))…  So when in doubt (about the weather) bust out your cardigan.

Happy Thursday, one more day till the Memorial Day weekend!!!

…breaking up…



Decided to bust out the vintage Levi’s Action Suit, but its too warm to wear the whole shebang so I deleted the suit jacket.

On me:  Vintage Levi’s action suit (vest and slacks), H&M floral print dress shirt, Hardy Amies silk tie, Timex weekender watch, old reliable white chuck (again being abused because they are just so comfortable)

One more day till the weekend peeps, happy Thursday!!!

…heat the blues…


Its starting to warm up here in sunny So Cal… but only temporarily, we are going up to the mid 80’s tomorrow but go down to upper 60’s come weekend.  But I’m not complaining.  With warmer weather in mind I decided to cool down with these blue colored pieces.  On me:  RL plaid shirt,  brown wool tie, swank tie bar, Timex weekender, Merona chinos, nylon D-ring belt, white chucks (starting to really pound this shoe to the ground).

That’s  all for now folks!  Happy Tuesday!!!