…fair day…

Went to the O.C. Fair last week with Clarissa for food, fun, games and the All American Rejects.  This was our first time at the O.C. Fair and we had fun, its a lot smaller than the LA County Fair but still had everything that the LA Fair had.  The AAR concert was nice too, EVE 6 opened for them and had a 30 minute set.  AAR started around 830 and had about an hour long set, sang a lot of songs and more importantly they sang all the songs that I knew which was nice.  To end the evening we rode the ferris wheel for free, which came with the purchase of the AAR tickets.  All in all a great experience, will definitely be back next year.

And this was my get up for the fair.

Mossimo shirt, knit tie, Dockers khakis, Merona socks, Nunn Bush loafers


3 thoughts on “…fair day…

      • Oh, my gosh! I totally agree about the style intervention. Geesh. He has enough clothes from nice places like Banana and Brooks Brothers, but he just doesn’t wear them. He wears t-shirts and shorts. Gah.

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