…Easter Sunday…

Happy Easter everyone!!!

I just want to share images from our Easter Sunday celebration, these pictures were taken from downtown Covina here in sunny So Cal.  We decided to walk from our friends house to the downtown area to burn away the calories from our very heavy lunch.

A picture from Miro, too bad its black and white so you wont be able to see my Nantucket red chinos and Claire’s floral orange dress (thanks Target for our Easter outfits!).

Bad focus (boo Miro!), but you can see me with my J.Crew diamond tip bow tie and Claire’s orange dress and hat!

Outside Erik’s (middle) front porch, I guess blue shirts are the way to go.

Outside looking in…

From Erik’s we walked to downtown Covina and stopped by the local Starbucks (so much for my earlier statement of walking to burn calories).

Claire & Kryzel.

From Starbucks we walked to the nearby park, the park wasn’t pleasant, could have been a lot better.

All in all a great Easter spent with friends, eating, walking, gallivanting, and eating some more.

Happy hump day peeps!!!


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