…mini me in leather…

From being elegant https://indappersuitof.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/the-elegant-mini-me

…to being a leather jacket wearing bad boy (not literally but he can be a handful sometimes).

Hack Zilla sporting a hand me down (from his sis Zoe) leather jacket that I got from Ross years ago.

The leather jacket paired with plaid shirt, khakis and gray canvas shoes.  And a driver cap to top it off,  where you will see in the following image, he put into very good use =)…

This was my brother in law attempting to capture (using the remote) an Easter family picture, see how Hack Zilla put the cap to use… my sis was surprised when they reviewed the images in the camera!!!

Oh and if you ever, ever need to learn how to dougie… please just get in contact with my sister and she will definitely hook you up with Hack-Zilla…

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!


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